TJ Air Tube;
A RockDawg Custom

One of the first modifications that I did to my Jeep was to change the air intake so in 2000 I bought a Rusty’s air tube. Recently I discovered the damage it was causing to the mount point on my fender so I decided to make a replacement.

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Cost of materials is about $6.00

4" of exhaust pipe 2.5 inches on one side 3.5 inches on the other I had this made at a local shop for $5.00

¼ steel rod from the hardware $2.00 for 3 feet

Now I have most of the tools needed to make this except for a way to bend the rod, my original thought was to make some sort of simple jig and bend it by hand which would have worked just fine. However as my wife can attest I like tools and one item I had been wanting for a while was a tube bender and this project gave me the excuse to get one   

Fortunately Harbor Freight had one on sale for $59

My design was simple, make an adapter tube to connect the stock air tube to the K&N filter and have it hang off of the hood support bar.

Now I'm ready to Weld

With the rod after bending

I smoothed out the cuts on the tube and did a test fit, it was perfect. I then went after bending the rod, for my first shot using a bender and I think it turned our pretty well.

Next was to figure out what angle to put the rod at so it would fit correctly, I then welded it on. My welds looked a little rough so I put on some JB Weld to smooth it out before painting, in hind sight I would NOT have done this… I just don’t like the way it looks.

Time for the test fit
Add a little flat black paint
and we're ready to go
I added a small piece of fuel line to the support bar to stop it from sliding around and to protect the paint