My CB was the first "trail mod" I made. I decided to go with the Cobra 75WXST unit. I chose this particular unit for several reasons. First, I wanted something I could remove from sight fairly quickly,
I also couldn't find what I considered a "good" place to mount a standard CB.
The 75 WXST is a two piece unit with the power module that is small enough to fit in a variety
of locations. I chose to install mine under the steering column, This area looked like Chrysler intended for the power module to be mounted in there.
I had also decided to go with a 4' FireStik antenna, I looked at several ways of mounting this, I didn't really want to drill the body and I didn't like bumper mount antennas. I found a design that I liked at Frank Fosters web site, His installation was straight forward and looked good.
Ok, so now that I knew what I wanted and how it was going to be installed I needed to find a place to buy it (cheap). After a great deal of searching on the net I decided on ALF Enterprises. These guys are great, competitive pricing, excellent customer service. I highly recommend them.

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