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I've gotten several requests to put in a "What's New" section so people can find out what the Griffith family is up to... and what's changed on the site.


Happy New Year! (our sister site that I use to host photo's) was moved to a new server in December. It looks like everything is working fine but if you find a broken link please drop me an email.
I finally added the CampJeep 2006 photo's sorry about the quality I was having camera issues and that's what I've got  =(
Also added photos from the Annual run and the 2006 Jeepshow

Added photo from the VA4WDA Anniversery run at OakRidge, I also added picture from our Crozet trip and I added a new section that I will be developing over time, originally dubbed "Fun with Pete" it is now expanding to include other friends. Be sure to check out the latest Pete abuse and Daves secret identity, just click on the
"Funny Stuff" button on the main page.

Added two more pictures to the Alex tribute page, added 7 more drawings to the art section and added some new links

Added new tech pages for Dodge Ram, Mini Cooper S, and Trailers.

Added pictures from last years Jeep Show and Pictures from our Uwharrie trip last weekend

Added a new air tube fabrication page. Check it out!

Happy New Year!! I'll be continuing to make improvements to the site throughout this year. I've added some pictures from our trip to Germany & Belgium. I'm also adding tech sections for Dodge Ram Diesel and Mini Cooper S. I've put some pictures of Travis Mini up and we have already done a mod over Christmas. I will be greatly enhancing the Jeep tech section as well. I updated Stephanie's page that's off of the Jeep Friends link.

Added Some pictures from the annual run at OakRidge

Added some Jeep pictures from our Rausch Creek trip

Added some newer pieces to the art section

Way to long since the last update. Work has sucked the life out of me and I've just been to tired to update the site or even do any Jeeping. Added some Drawings to the Art section.

Updated the featured site, check it out! I also updated the Mod page.

I've added TONS of new Jeeping pictures from 2003 and 2004 (Yes I'm a little behind)  =)   Be sure to check them out!
I'll have some more technical how too's coming shortly as well as some movies that were taken by Don "Mud'N'Rox" Hudson from this years annual run for Virginia 4WD association.

Added Camp Jeep pictures. Vickie and I were Trail Guides this year, we had a blast. Check out the pictures of Vickie on the rock garden on trail K, very cool. Pete, Don, Cory, Cindy, John and Blaine (from the Jeep Club) were also trail guides. Also changed the featured site (finally)  =)

On May 29th my best friend for the past 35 years passed away. I've added a memorial page for him.

Added a tempory web page for Stephanie while she redesigns her site.
Added the MAJ logo and link to the front page.

Added the pictures from our 2nd Baja trip

Long time no update...
It's been a busy first quarter of 2004 and I haven't done much with the site until now. I've revamped the pictures and wheeling pages, added a couple of new catagories and I'll be adding some new photo's from a recent trail ride. more updates and redesign will continue over the next couple of months.

Well.... another site change! I wasn't happy with the frame thing.
But I'm pretty pleased with this.. more changes and updates will be coming this is just the first page to get the face lift. Keep checking back to see what's new.
FYI: The right had side of the main page is still being developed.

Trying a new look, I've added a frame and buttons. Let me know what you think... it's still under developement.

Added new buttons and made the site more Christmas'ee. The featured web site page updated, Check out Eddy has a great site!

Added fabrication link and tire carrier build. Also I set up a sudo
Christmas theme. Add some items to the merchandise area.

Added NEW YellowJeep logo and a link for YellowJeep Merchandise.
I had planned on have posters and calenders with images from this site on them, however CafePress says it copyright violation... and made me take them down.

Added pictures of Vickies Liberty and pictures from Travis' graduation party.

Renamed the How To section to Tech Pages. Added the Carter Carb fix to the tech section. Trav's email still does not work, a technical issue at my hosting site is preventing me from adding any new email accounts.

Travis's email is not working, I'll have it fixed shortly.
Moved Travis down to Florida (for school) this past week. Pictures of his apartment are posted. I'll have a couple of more tech articles up this weekend. =)
I'm finally going to get started on restoring the J20, I'll post pictures as I go. Updated the featured site (finally), also updated the Mod's page.
We have a new family member, Vickie bought a 2003 Jeep Liberty Renegade.... I'll post a couple of pic of that too.... that now put's the Griffith family at 4 Jeeps!!

Added email address for Travis

Long time no update =)
I'm going to try and some of the "bunches" of Jeep pic up ASAP. Right now I'll post CampJeep 2003 because I have some people waiting to see them, but I do have pic's from last September's Big Dog's that need to go up as well......

It's been along time since I updated the site... Put a lot of time in at the High School for the robotics team. I'll be adding a page for that later. Only real update for now will be the new addition to the family, the J20.

There's a few of the York pictures up under the UK trip. Because I have so many pictures to post and so little time to spend doing it I'm going to post just a select few under each location.

Added more Halloween Pictures, Props page is next!
Someday I'll actually get the England pictures up....

Added Pictures of Travis & Stef and Christmas 2002.
Look in Pictures/friends and family

What's new? Well I worked most of the weekend at the school with
the Robotics team, Doing the mentor thing, which I like, it's just taking a ton of time right now... The kick off for the FIRST robotics competition was about 3 weeks ago, the team has 6 weeks to complete the robot... so it is busy! Check out (or look under the current featured site), It's an outstanding program.
I'll be posting pic of the robot later.
I haven't had much time to work on anything else... let's see where
is my list :)
Jake and I are working on a book, very cool. Hopefully we'll get that published and on Amazon by mid year.(Sorry Jake I had zero time this weekend to work on my part)
Pete picked up his new axels today, he talked about putting them in today, but didn't. Which worked out best for me, didn't have much time for Jeep stuff this weekend :(
We've got tons of Jeep stuff todo... For both Jeeps
Next weekend is Raghu & Uma's babyshower, should be fun. Raghu is having a Super Bowl party, but I doubt I can make it (Robotics)
Let's see what else, I've done nothing with
(an IT re-org spoof) or (A information Security best practice and standards site)

Anyway guess I should go do some family time
See Ya!

Dropped the checkmark idea for updates... it confused Jake :)

What's new/updated
Restructed the menu, moved things around, added a Jeep movie page and of course a news page, Updated Max Carnage and featured site page. Note the check mark buy the menu item, that means it's been updated (Jake) :)

OK first entry.
Well it's the start of a new year, been busy so far!
I'll step back to December and talk about Christmas, it was good (REALLY hectic)we went to Florida to spend Christmas with Bob & Pat. Wayne, Julie and the boys came down (drove down from Michigan *ACK*)
I had taken my CISSP test right before Christmas so between not knowing if I passed or failed and the BS at work I was a little distracted. I found out I did pass the test and received my CISSP right before New Years! I was very happy about that!
Let's see what else is going on.... The robotics kickoff meeting was last Saturday (, great program check it out, so this keeps us busy on weekends and certain week nights. I'm mentoring, which I like, Vickie is mentoring and head fund raiser so she's really busy. Got LOT'S of Jeep mods to do (Trav's & mine), helped
Jake install a new shifter in his Vette, good project, looks nice.
I'll add more details and pics later

Guess that it for now, I'm tired